TSE Artist Feature: JOSHUA

[Nashville TN] from True Source Entertainment on Vimeo.

Nashville native, and resident, Joshua, has been writing and recording music since a young age, and continues to push the limits of his own sound with every release.  His most recent recordings, for his aptly dubbed, “ROOTS” LP, showcase the artist’s songwriting and performances, as well as side that of his craft that he’s been developing since moving back to Nashville in 2012. 

ROOTS was written, performed, and recorded at Joshua’s home studio in East Nashville; as he’s described it, “by accident”.  Starting as demo and work tape sessions to bring into the studio and show producer, Mike Hartnett (recorded and produced the recent Joshua and the Bandits EP, “LOVE AND WAR EP 1”).  Upon hearing the sounds and mix the artist was getting out of his studio, Mike and other colleagues encouraged him to continue making the record at home.  What he ended up with is an incredibly organic, acoustic/electronic infused sound, unique to the producer that made it.  Joshua himself.  

The first single, “MAYBE IT’S THE BREEZE” has already been released, and is available in iTunes, on Spotify, and other online stores and stations.  This song is reminiscent of the songs we’ve heard from the artist in recent years, but also has a very open, and rhythmic quality that is present throughout the entire record.  It also shares many of the “roots” music (Blues, R&B, Jazz, Folk, and Soul) influences to which Joshua attributes most of his artistic style.  

Other singles are due to be released through the rest of the year, starting with “I WILL WAIT FOR YOU” in September; a soulful relationship song. The artist has shows coming up in Nashville and regionally.

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