It’s an important thing to learn… How people can help your career, and what they’re relationship should mean to you as an artist. Most artists think they can do it all… I know that I did when I first got into doing music! I went to Belmont University thinking I would learn how to produce records – not so I would never have to work with a producer again, but definitely so I could do most of it without help! After 10 years of making this music in a recorded format (well, many formats), I’m finally feeling I’m gaining not only the ears, but the talents necessary to feel confident and professional with the work that I can do without outside help.

I guess that’s what they say though – it takes ten years to make an overnight success! I wouldn’t be in a place to produce my own music at all without the help of all those mentors I’ve had along the way, and amazing producers I’ve met and had the opportunity to work with!

Long story short, as an artist you always want to find ways to expand not only your creativity, but you always want to better understand the ways that are available to you to translate that creativity to others. In this way, looking into what others do while you work with them is a crazy great idea, and being open to them and their suggestions – also good. Obviously finding the right producer is another story, I’ll get into that another day! For now – it’s important to simply know that there are many benefits to working with producers – when you’re the artist. Especially when YOU are the artist. Having an outside perspective is crucial. In fact, I’m of the mind that collaborative efforts are the only way to complete a project, wholly.

This is the single, most important benefit – collaboration. If for no other reason, just to be able to get that second and third perspective is always beneficial. The only thing to remember is that your vision is most important, so you do want to work with those that share your interests and understand your mission.