Movies at Shelby Park for the community, by the community, and benefiting local nonprofits

August 31, 2015– Nashville based creative production company, True Source Entertainment (TSE) has joined forces with media conduit, The East Nashvillian, to bring an event to East Nashville thats fun for all ages. After the first show, we know this will be an East Nashville staple for seasons to come!

SHELBY PARK PICTURE SHOW ( as its called, is a movie-at-the-park event that has already proven to be a desired destination for many people, not just in East Nashville, but all over Nashville and its surrounding areas. Following their initial launch early in August, they seem to grow on social media every day, and if their first night (BIG was shown to an audience on Wednesday Aug 26th) was any telling sign, they will grow at each show to come. Fret not about the crowds, however, theres plenty of space in the outfield at the NCAA division baseball field that hosts local World Championship matches every summer.

The event hosts a variety of food trucks, popular and wanted movie-classic-concessions, and even boasts a Beer Garden for the thirsty adults. This isnt a just a family-friendly show, its a show for movie-goers of all ages- for couples, singles, parents, and kids! From running a poll to help determine what movies people will want to see at these shows, to maintaining a donation only entry fee, this event is poised to stay involved and interactive with its local audience.

Find out more about the show at, and be sure to head out to one of the upcoming shows! You may also make a donation on the website, or purchase a T-Shirt to support the cause, and help keep the shows going.



September 9, 2015

Toy Story

Donation only (suggested donation per entry is $5)

September 23, 2015

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Donation only (suggested donation per entry is $5)

October 7, 2015


Donation only (suggested donation per entry is $5)