The Wolf of Wall Street is gaining interest from social media audiences that measure to breakthrough heights. Boasting a staggering 967,035 followers across Twitter and Facebook, they’ve got a 400k lead on their closest competitor.

It will be interesting to see how the film fairs against it’s competitors in the race for Best Picture, “Gravity” (which holds the close second in social media traffic), and “Philomena” which doesn’t even rank in social graces as it doesn’t have any official accounts associated with its title. The Wolf might only be howling at purchase intent not entirely indicative of Oscar success.

Only last year, the winner for Best Picture “Argo” summited a meader 205,138 followers. And with the Academy garnering an average age is 63, it’s hard to know if the pop culture street cred can reflect value for the film in terms of its competitive edge in consideration for the award. Suffice to say, the film is definitely popular, will most likely continue to gross largely, but may not find as much support by the voting community for Best Picture.

Our prediction: Though it’s reviews set it at a close second to “Gravity”, “12 Years a Slave” is defying film amongst the crowd. And, while “American Hustle” would tempt anyone for a favorable mention, we do love Judi Dench. Ah, who needs to know yet anyway. We’ll be watching with bated breath the same as you!