Poly is a local band in Nashville TN. After getting to know them through thePop Up series(theyll be playing Nashville very soon), not only am I a fan and an advocate, but Im interested in where their melodies, influence, and pursuation have come from. Three seemingly different schools of thought all come together to make a sound that is in some way entrancing, in some ways a little more friendly and familiar, but in all ways pursuasive and inviting.

There are a handful of songs you can find by them onBandcampand onYouTube You can find them onTwitterand onFacebook. However you choose to find them you must! Two girls, one guy, great harmonies, eclectic sound through eclectic instruments, all talent. This group is a fantastic representation of the greatness that surrounds Nashville TN today and the community you can find in hot spot of the small city, East Nashville.

Please go topolylovesyou.bandcamp.comand purchase something from them today.