For independent artists to bleed into standard media platforms may not seem hard to the outside world, but it’s not an easy feat.  Nor is it common for an artist that’s never been signed to gain recognition on radio stations and Spotify playlists and the like.  Joshua C.S. from Nashville TN, with his new record, “Roots” has done just that, reaching in the top 200 on radio charts in April this year.

If you haven’t already, head to Spotify to stream the record, or go to Apple Music and check it out.  But the best way to support the artists you love is to buy directly from them.  You can do just that by heading to, and clicking the link to get a copy of the new record directly on the home page.  Sign up on the mailing list while you’re there.  Share it with a friend.  Support local and independent arts and music.

Much love, and congrats.