ANNOUNCING: Home on the Road

A project by Joshua Smith and True Source Entertainment, in association with Imagine That! Video, REDFOX, and Stonebrooke International

What does success mean to you?

Logline: This documentary follows American recording artist, Joshua, on his travels across the country playing music, and moving from one place to another to further his career, and find the answer to the meaning of success.

INTENT FOR USE: Documentary, Adverts, TV and Online Series

INTENDED LENGTH: One hour special / Mini Series


In 2012, with an Emmy nomination, and a long list of credits (working with artists  such as The Mowgli’s, Lianne La Havas and Prince) things seem to be on their way up for Los Angeles based recording artist, Joshua.  But there was a lot going on behind the scenes.  With limited resources to keep him there, he moves from LA to Nashville, and travels on to New York to record a new album.  While documenting his travels, he interviews other musicians, friends, family, and average folks to find the answer to one of life’s biggest questions. “What is the meaning of success?”  But this is only the beginning.

As he finds out, sometimes what we’re looking for isn’t in response to the question, it’s in pursuit of the answer.  Cut to 2016:  He’s started an ad agency, a creative collective, and the music industry is on the decline.  What’s next for today’s generation of musicians?  How will we define success tomorrow?