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True Source Entertainment (TSE) was founded in 2009 by artist, Joshua Caleb Smith (aka Joshua C.S.) to be a business that could support creative efforts by creating project specific business models.  

We make your message clear so more will listen.

Artists First

The idea of putting the artist first, and generating a business based on an artist’s best interests is new for today’s arts and entertainment industries.  TSE considers the artist’s path and the business model as one co-working structure that is built to support the project, the people, and the products.  We are a collective that support artists as people, the things they create as products, and the business model and process to make both of these successful as a unique method of engagement between the two as separate entities. 


Just as a product goes through research and development, market testing, and is improved upon to bring added value to its consumer, an artist needs the same kind of development.  Artist development, and brand development are almost completely lost in today’s creative industries.  As an artist collective, made of artists and the business people that support them, our goal is put the focus back on the creators of these goods and services, to develop them and bring better, more viable products to the marketplace. Development is key to every project that is supported by the collective.  

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